Tuesday, June 28, 2005

You Can Help Doug Morgan & Denise Koger

Two accounts have been set up on behalf of Doug Morgan and Denise Koger, our friends who were seriously injured in Thursday night’s shooting at Tacoland. Denise and Doug are still in intensive care and need all of our prayers, good wishes,and help.

These accounts are set up at Wells Fargo bank. You may deposit CASH ONLY at any Wells Fargo branch OR we have also set up PayPal accounts that transfer funds directly to their accounts. PayPal will accept your credit card or transfer money from your account directly into theirs.

Please call Phillip or Blanca Luna at 210-532-9107 or 210-789-6000 for account information.

Go to www.paypal.com and use your PayPal account or set up a free Personal Account for yourself and then enter either Doug or Denise’s emails and the amount you wish to donate. Here are their emails where they will also be notified of your donation.



The funds collected will be used to cover Doug and Denise’s living expenses during their recovery. There are several fundraisers scheduled to raise more money for our dear friends, please stay posted and do what you can to help. Fundraiser organizers are also welcome to use these accounts to deposit the proceeds you collect.

There has been no new information about Thusday night’s shooting. If you have any information that you think may be helpful, please contact S.A.P.D. Det. John Slaughter at 207-7635.

Please forward this message to your e-mail lists.

Thank You and God Bless You,

Phillip and Blanca Luna

Sonny, Noah and Violet

Thanks to Night Rocker.

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