Saturday, June 25, 2005

Tears In Our Eyes

True Stories From Tacoland

Railrod Jerk Tour Journal Excerpt

by Marcellus Hall

Place: Tacoland
When: Late April, 1993
Who's Playing: Railroad Jerk + Splinter + Boxcar Satan
Ram Factor: Shit Happens

We woke the next day at 3 pm and went with Brent of the Cherubs to meet Tanya and Debbie. We all ate at a Mexican restaurant and then got on the road to San Antonio. It was an exciting 1 1/2 hour drive what with the van so crowded and all of us talking at the same time. We listened to the Fall's Grotesque album and Can.

We finally arrived at Tacoland, the club in San Antonio. A small place that we had heard many good things about. Outside stood the members of the opening bands: Splinter and Boxcar Satan. We introduced ourselves and they told us the bad news: Tacoland is locked and no one knows where the owner is. They assured us that it was some sort of emergency as this was not the usual custom. We bought beer and stood around. The night was clear and warm. Some fans showed up, but no owner. It began to look bleak. Then, as it became apparent that there would not be a show, the crowd took up a small collection and handed us $50 for gas. This gesture had us overwhelmed with gratitude and we drove away with tears in our eyes (and $50 in our pockets).

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