Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tacoland Expansion Put on Hold By HDRC

Yeah, it appears that self proclaimed "most important man in the universe" and 2012 Texas Monthly Bum Steer Award Winner Chris Erck is still working hard at chipping away at the true soul of San Antonio. 

Read all about it in the latest issue of The Current.

He's the same guy that sabotaged the Jim Cullum Jazz Band and The Landing, a San Antonio gem on the riverwalk for 48 years replacing it with his another one of his own rudderless concepts - a tequila bar...

Now he's on deck as the new mastermind behind what's left of Taco Land and the sacred tree. 


I give it a year, maybe 18 months before it tanks and somebody that understands the true meaning of Keep San Antonio Lame or perhaps someone that actually went to Taco Land and knew Ram gets involved.

We all know that Taco Land and Ram Ayala are truly and sadly gone forever, but honestly, San Antonio's landmarks deserve a way better steward than this guy.

Thankfully he doesn't own the property so at least that amazing tree is safe.

To quote Ram - "Stop It, you're killing me... Again!"