Saturday, June 25, 2005

When The Sun Goes Down

By Ty Gavin

TacoLand, San Antonio's landmark on the San Antonio River. Parallel to CBGB's, RAUL's, The RAT, The Masque, etc. was launched into history last night with the murder of RAM, owner of the nationally known club. This is a devastating loss to San Antonio on many levels, culture, music and art. It was a living work of art, culture and San Antonio music history.

Taco Land was a "must play" stop on countless numbers of tour schedules for hundreds of bands. People knew they were touching history and wanted bragging rights of saying, "I played at TacoLand", "....and my sticker's on the wall".

Ram wasn't the "president" or "mayor" of TacoLand, he was "THE MAN" of
TacoLand and there was no a no bullshit policy that he controlled and
enforced efortlessly. He ruled over the chaos without disturbing it.

It was a unique underground community that covered the full spectrum of humanity, everyone, from the homeless to the millionaires, criminals to cops, musicians, music lovers, artists, freaks, outcasts, innocents, guilty, handicapped, brilliant, stupid, beautiful, all colors and races and ages.

He took care of the people in many personal ways. If you really needed a beer he'd give you a can of Lone
Star, if you needed your ass kicked he wouldn't hesitate to give you that too. He gave so many bands a chance to perform sometimes when no one else would.

He was cut from the same cloth as Roy, Joseph and Bobby, real life. I think Ram never took a day for granted and lived life like there might not be a tomorrow. He is history. Ram will be a lasting history, he will be sung about, stories will be told and handed down about this true folk hero legend and
hero and leader.

He will be remembered and the San Antonio River will be flooded with tears tonight.


It won't be 'til the sun goes down
And the spotlight there waits for you
What do we do now in the city of sound
Now that we must face the truth

When the sun goes down,
when the sun goes down...

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