Thursday, June 30, 2005

Meet Tiny

True Stories From Taco Land

By The Yawn Blog

Place: Tacoland
When: Late 90's
Who's Playing: Unknown
Ram Factor: Be Cafeful Pussy

Last Stop on the Barhop.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- Tacoland was always the last stop because by that time of night I was too drunk to see. Who else would put up with somebody that borracho in public besides the Tacoland employees and regulars?

In typical Friday night fashion, my friend Tito (from those legends of rock known as The Harlots) and I stumbled in after an afternoon of barhopping. We’d usually start over in the Medical area and work our way in from



He's Not Here


I Don’t Know Yet




San Antonio Homebrew Supply



Sometimes that homebrew would lead to a certain type of diarrhea that gave your anal sphincter a workout at Tacoland, because fucking Jesus, you never want to bare anus there. You didn’t want to bare dick there, lest a short man named Tiny peep through the crack in the door, lick his lips, and calmly let you know he loves to look at guys’ cocks. As awkward as it was, it was fun, funny, and funtastic.

That was Tacoland.

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theyawnblog said...

Note: "He's not Here" is a Lubbock bar. The bar over off Fredricksburg we went to was actually called "What's it To Ya?" It's easy to get all those sentence-bars confused.