Monday, June 27, 2005

Last Night at Tacoland June 26, 2005

Last Night at Tacoland, originally uploaded by H. Michael karshis.

For many, myself included, last night was truly my last night at Taco Land.

No Ram. No Taco Land.

I think Gov. Perry put it best: "Adios Mofo"


Yawn said...

I miss that stale humidity of SA, ese, in general, but Tacoland in specifics.

Anonymous said...

Hey Billy, Is it on? You go bro!

For those who don't know him, this is Billy, a homeless fellow who's always been great about helping Ram clean up the leftover beer cans & garbage left around the joint after particularly jumpin' nights. He also made it his duty to keep as many of the prayer candles constantly aflame over the wake/benefit weekend as could be. Billy's a good-natured dude, who certainly deserves a little something positive outta life. Oh yeah -- He's a wildman on the dance floor too!