Friday, June 24, 2005

First Reports 1

Overnight Shootings; Taco Land Owner Murdered in Robbery

Police officers trying to break up a fight end up caught in the
middle of a shooting on the west side. Only minutes later near
downtown, three people are shot outside a popular cantina. One of
them later died.

On West Grayson, three people were gunned down by robbers at Taco
Land. Authorities tell News 4 one of those victims is the owner of
the business, Ramiro Ayala. He died a few hours later.

Police say two men started arguing with Ayala just after 1 a.m.
Witnesses say one of those men pulled a gun, and shot Ayala and three
other who were there.

Police are now searching for the two suspects in that shooting. They
took off with some cash. No word right now on the conditions of the
other two victims.


Cindy Osbourne said...

Ode to Ram 6-24-05

Many good times spent at TacoLand
So many memories
Not just with the band
Standing by the bar
And a legend of a man
He never knew
But I was his fan

“Don’t be a pussy!”
This necio was known to shout
Thought I’d outdo him
I was loaded—no doubt
“Don’t be a pussy—eat pussy!”
I yelled on my gender’s behalf
“That sounds good,”
He smiled, as we hysterically laughed

That was one crazy night
I’ll never forget--It ruled
Ever since, I thought,
“Ram is so fucking cool.”

© 2005. Cindy Osbourne.

Jerry C. said...

That's awsome, Cindy!