Monday, June 27, 2005

Two Nights

Ty Gavin

Friday night.

It was a sad occasion. Once in awhile it was hard not to get
choked up and there were plaenty of tears but it was good and important to be there and except for Ram dying and Doug and Denise getting shot it was a great great party just like what Ram would have liked to have seen.

Just about everybody was there and just about everybody had a story to tell about how Ram helped them or someone they knew. All four corners of the intersection had a group of people. Plenty of news people there and a few detectives still investigating the inside of the bar.

The street, sidewalk and patio were packed. All the great freaks, musicians, artists, lots of beautiful girls (Ram would have liked that) and S.A. characters, young and old, that you saw there on any given night was there.

The shrine covered the whole front of the building, there were photos, paintings, sunglasses, liquor, flowers, candles, messages, art, jewelry incense, cigars, beer and more. Some bands played and it ended at midnight with a prayer for Ram. I saw a lot of people that I haven't seen in years.

Saturday night.

Fundraiser for Doug and Denise. Another great celebration of the life of Ram. More great music, people and tribute. Doug needs blood (0+).

These were two nights at TacoLand that I wouldn't have missed for anything and two nights that I wish didn't have to be.

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