Saturday, July 02, 2005

Taco Tunes

Songs that feature Taco Land in some form or fashion:

Dead Milkmen, "Tacoland"
Kevin & the Black Tears, "Taco Land Shuffle"
Mitch Webb & The Swindles, "Let Her Dance"
Boxcar Satan, "Boxcardo's Hideaway"
Los #3 Dinners, "Party Animal"
Geronimo TreviƱo, "Macho Man From Taco Land"
Tiki Bongo, "Uh Huh, Oh Yeah"
Little Neesie, "Stop It, You're Killing Me"
Chapstik, "Hey, (expletive), Que Paso" (unreleased)
Suzy Bravo & Hammered, "Face Down, Ass Up"

Tiki Bongo

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Brian said...

Mitch Webb & His Ego ; )