Friday, July 01, 2005

A Last Minute Announcement

From Stickpony

Hey friends - a last minute announcement here regarding soemthing you can do to help out Tacoland doorman Gypsy Doug and bartender Denise (both still hospitalized after being shot in the robbery that took the life of owner Ram Ayala).

A benefit is being held to help them offset their medical bills at The Sanctuary (1812-18 Main St., San Antonio, TX 78212) this Sunday. The entire lineup of the scheduled Tacoland show, including Stickpony, has been moved to this event.

The details are still being worked out, but we've been told we're to play in the evening sometime. As it sounds like this is going to be an all day kind of thing, you can probably show up anytime. If you want specifics, call The Sanctuary at 210-732-0313.

For those in Austin and Houston, I know it's kind of a haul, but there is
literally no better cause I can think of - Gypsy Doug and Denise need your
help, so do what you can. Have a safe and enjoyable 4th weekend - we'll look for you in the river city.

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Brian said...

any check on whether the money raised is going to Sunshine? I hea that when she was released she had only 3 bucks in her pocket. And that she had to borrow neccesities to get by!

Places like Casbeer's have a spotty track record regarding benefits. How much did venues like Sanctuary and Casbeer's raise, and where is it going?

What's up? I want to know. I gonna be pissed if some junkie pockets the money!

I know we are all hurting right now.

Love with your head not with your heart.